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The Fomentek® bag is a simple, safe, and effective means of providing therapeutic heat or cold easily and conveniently to any part of the body.  Fomentek bags have been used by Massage Therapists and in spa settings since 1986 and also sold to spa clients for home use.

The reusable Fomentek® bag is non-allergenic, non-toxic, and odor-free. It contains no latex, no phthalates, and no BPA. There are no cords to plug in. Easy for travel.

Once you use the incredible Fomentek® bag you won’t know how you lived without it.


  • It conforms to the body like NO OTHER product on the market.  The translucent bag is made of two durable ultra-thin polymer layers that provide incredible strength while remaining pliable to the touch.
  • Delivers moist heat or cold that is immediate and penetrating directly against the skin.
  • Filled directly from the tap

USE WARM to relieve pain and promote healing:

  • Fill with warm tap water (110°-113°F) and use directly against the skin. Moist heat penetrates more deeply than dry heat alone.
  • Provides immediate and penetrating heat to sore muscles and painful joints
  • Safe to sleep on because it slowly cools down over time

USE COLD during the acute inflammatory phase of soft tissue injury or after surgery:

  • Fill with cold tap water.
  • Store in the refrigerator and apply directly against the skin.
  • Safer than an ice pack because cold water will not cause frostbite. 


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Thank you very much. I love the Fomentek bags!  I had DEBILITATING back pain and they are the one thing that helps.  I’ve been using them for over a decade.


I am laying on my Fomentek bag right now and am so THANKFUL for this amazing product that has kept me virtually medicine-free for many years as it has helped my Crohn’s disease and pain and insomnia issues.  Love.


I can’t tell you how much the Fomentek bag has helped my back.  Also, if I am restless I just fill the bag with warm water and I am asleep in minutes.