In 1986 Angie Brassette, the creator of FOMENTEK®, was suffering from muscular back pain. After trying in vain to derive pain relief through the use of a heating pad, Angie tried using a red rubber hot water bottle. The hot water bottle was decidedly more comforting, but did not stay hot for very long and did not cover her entire back area. Angie wondered why someone had not made a hot water bottle that was large enough to provide soothing heat to her neck, shoulders, and back, and would also be comfortable to lie on. Her husband, Duane, concocted a rudimentary bladder from plastic sheeting material and filled it with warm water, presenting it to Angie. Upon lying on the not-yet-named FOMENTEK bag Angie uttered the phrase “Oh, this feels great!” Duane refined his idea and gave one to their massage therapist. The early FOMENTEK bags worked well, but the thick plastic membrane was not pliable enough. Also, the heat-welded seams were rough to the touch. Even with these drawbacks, the word spread and massage therapists began calling for the “big water bags”. Ultimately the FOMENTEK™ bag was totally redesigned. The early thick and stiff material was replaced with a double layer of pliable proprietary polymer that is impervious to any solvent on Planet Earth. Modern manufacturing processes were employed for consistency and RF welding smoothed out the rough seams.

The trade name FOMENTEK® is derived from a combination of two words: Fomentation and TechnologyFomentation is the use of heat to promote healing or relieve pain. A heating pad is a fomentation device. Technology is the application of tools or methods. The two words were shortened and combined into Fomentek and our registered trademark name was born. Angie formed the FOMENTEK, Company, and began providing FOMENTEK Bags to the public. The phone # (800) 562-HEAT (4328) was secured for easy customer access. Whereas the company originally provided hot water bottles to massage therapists, it wasn’t long before therapists were asking to buy FOMENTEK bags for their clients’ home use. Providing FOMENTEK bags in quantity at a reduced cost enables the therapist to extend pain relief into the home.

Two smaller sizes were added to the line, making this product the standard for heat therapy in thousands of massage therapy clinics and spas. Over the years word of the FOMENTEK bags spread to other health professionals and home users.

Tiger Tail USA, a pioneer of mainstream muscle recovery and muscle pain relief (, purchased the assets and trademark rights to Fomentek in January of 2020. Tiger Tail USA is now proudly carrying the flag of Angie’s original mission to help people in pain.

We still have many of our customers who purchased FOMENTEK® from us during our first years in business. Word-of-mouth and actually experiencing the comfort of the FOMENTEK bag brings most of our customers. Many of our customers have become close friends and as friends, it is always good to hear from them year after year.
Angie Brassette
Creator of FOMENTEK®


Fomentek entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Universal Companies for wholesale orders. Fomentek bags are made exactly the same way as before. We have made some changes to the packaging including the addition of a warning label on the bags, which also includes a recommended water fill line. Rest assured you are receiving the same fabulous products you depend on and everything is made in the USA.

Orders placed here at ship from the greater Seattle area. Most orders will ship within 24-48 hours via USPS First Class, Priority Mail, or FedEx Ground. Once your order ships, you will receive an email confirming your order and providing tracking information for your reference.

We will continue to offer excellent customer service and will be happy to answer any questions regarding the changes. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.