Thank you for your interest in the wholesale purchase of Fomentek Bags for resale!


Many independent therapists, spas, and health product vendors have been retailing Fomentek products for many years and earning substantially by doing so. Inasmuch as you are interested in re-selling, your profit potential would be best served by purchasing our products right here directly from the factory. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with you.





Fomentek requires payment in full before the order is shipped. Our preferred method of payment is by credit card. We will also accept a check or money order in US dollars.



Fomentek does not offer territorial or market segment exclusivity. In the event that you wish to address a particular market segment and wish to negotiate, we will consider proposals.



Factory direct retail sales of Fomentek products carry a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back in addition to the 90 Day Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. This written warranty is enclosed in each individually packaged Fomentek Bag. Fomentek dealers are encouraged, but not required to honor the 90 Day Warranty on an over-the-counter basis for the convenience of their customers. Fomentek dealers honoring the warranty on an over-the-counter basis must return the defective products to Fomentek for credit (applied to the next wholesale order.) The following information must be included with all warranty claims:

  • CUSTOMER PURCHASE DATE (with receipt)



In order to become a Fomentek product dealer, the therapist need not buy vast quantities and there is no membership fee or other fees imposed upon the dealer. All you have to do is purchase a stock of Fomentek Bags in accordance with the Wholesale Bulk Pricing (shown above). From here it is a simple matter of supplying the product to your clients at the Retail Price. While the individual Fomentek Bags do carry a 30 Day Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee, this policy does not extend to dealers. The spirit of this portion of our return policy is to preclude the situation where a would-be dealer makes a quantity purchase then attempts to return unsold products to the factory after learning that selling products is outside their comfort zone. Our recommendation is that you first test the market by purchasing no more Fomentek Bags than you can use or give as gifts until you have proven to yourself that you should develop Fomentek sales into a profit center.


MARKETING SUGGESTIONS (soft sell is best)

While it is true that many spas, clinics, storefront businesses, and independent therapists retail thousands of FOMENTEK BAGS per year, product sales is not for everyone. Subtle sales techniques are often more effective than aggressive ones in therapy settings. The key here is to be sincere and, above all, helpful. Customers walk into health food stores everyday to purchase products, but a visit to a therapist should be considered sacred time. If the client is deluged with offers to buy this and buy that, they might not feel comfortable coming back. On the other hand, a therapist providing an effective product to enhance the treatment away from the clinic is a boon to any client’s recovery.


When the client feels the soothing warmth of the Fomentek bag and exclaims “Ah! This feels great! . . . My (mother, daughter, etc.) would love this for her (arthritis, menstrual cramps, back pain, etc.)” the therapist can simply state, “I have a supply on hand for clients.” The therapist need say no more about buying this or any product. Another effective and dignified way for the therapist to communicate the availability of Fomentek bags is to simply display an empty Fomentek box in the waiting room or on the appointment desk with the price clearly marked.
Therapists doing outcall work, particularly with travelers, may find it worthwhile to carry one or two brand new FOMENTEK BAGS to appointments for re-sale. The product fits easily inside a folded massage table. Travelers are usually very happy to learn of the availability of FOMENTEK BAGS. Some travelers need the product for their pain while an equal amount need small, easy to carry gifts for the folks back home.


Again, thank you for inquiring about quantity purchase of Fomentek products. We look forward to serving you!

  • You may mix and match sizes for quantity discounts.
  • Our MiniPak contains 2 Mini bags but counts as 1 item.

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