The name Fomentek is derived from a combination of two words: Fomentation and Technology: Fomentation is the use of heat to promote healing or relieve pain. A heating pad is a fomentation device. Technology is the application of tools or methods. We shortened technology to TEK, thus our registered trademark name Fomentek®.

Run the tap water to a temperature that is comfortably warm (110°-113° F) to touch before filling the Fomentek bag . Just as when we adjust bathwater, we can sense if the temperature is painfully hot. Sometimes our hands are callus and less sensitive to heat so try running the water over your wrist to test the temperature.

Yes. The Fomentek bag provides moist heat when it is placed directly against the skin. The body’s own moisture enables the Fomentek bag to transfer heat. (See UNDERSTANDING THERAPEUTIC HEAT)

The Large Fomentek bag will stay therapeutically warm for up to 2 hours. This time interval is dependent on the volume of water, temperature, and whether the warm bag is in contact with a cold solid object. For example, a warm Fomentek bag laying on a cold granite countertop will become cold in a few minutes whereas a warm bag surrounded by bedding or a padded massage table will stay warm for well over an hour.

Fomentek bags are made of a double layer of modern engineered extruded polymer, which is as soft as flesh, yet strong enough to support up to 600 lbs.

Yes. Your Fomentek bag carries a 90-day factory replacement warranty against leaks due to defects in materials or workmanship. Additionally, Fomentek bags carry a 30-day money-back (shipping excluded) satisfaction guarantee.

It is imperative that the Fomentek Bag user understand the differences between this product and the traditional (old-time) red rubber hot water bottle. The red rubber hot water bottle is typically filled with very hot water, often from a boiling kettle, and then capped and wrapped in a dry towel before being placed against the body. The Fomentek Bag, however, comes into direct contact with the skin and that means that the temperature of the filled Fomentek Bag is the exact same temperature the body will experience. The Fomentek Bag is used directly against the skin at much lower temperatures. Fomentek Bags should never be used with scalding water, only comfortably warm water no hotter than 113.7ºF (45.4ºC.)

No. The Fomentek Bag is designed to be re-filled with hot water before each use. Here is why: When our material reaches 188ºF it begins to lose structural integrity. A microwave oven heats unevenly. Areas of the bag will achieve temperatures as high as 212ºF thus weakening the material.

Yes. Fomentek bags are not harmed or weakened by any oil, liniment, or ointment. This engineered polymer stands up to all solvents, acids, or chemicals in any concentration. Even acetone-based fingernail polish remover won’t hurt the Fomentek bag. However, ALWAYS read the directions on any ointment before applying ANY SOURCE OF HEAT as there are ointments containing a heat-inducing chemical such as Capsaicin that should NEVER be used with any thermal heat because it can result in chemical burns to the skin.

The outside can be cleaned with any detergent. The inside of the Fomentek Bag does not require cleaning, however, if it is stored in a lighted place, algae can develop inside. If this happens, put an ounce of chlorine bleach and a little water into the Fomentek Bag then rinse well.

Diabetes Mellitus is a serious vascular disease. Consult your treating physician before using a Fomentek Bag or any other heat modality on your extremities.

Yes. That’s the short answer. Our Fomentek® Water Bag users often come up with creative ways to use the bag. One other popular use is to fill our bag up with air (blow it like a balloon) and use it as lumbar support while driving long distances. Truckers and road trippers often use this trick to make their driving more comfortable.

Another popular use is a portable pillow. Campers and hikers love to use the bags as air pillows. The bag can be folded into a small size so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your backpack. When you’re ready to use it, simply fill it up with air (blow it like a balloon). The bag is very durable and can withstand up to 600 lbs of pressure and is soft and pliable for comfort. You can make it firm or soft, cover it with a pillowcase, and fall asleep under the stars. Our bag is made with FDA-approved, food-grade plastic that is BPA-Free, Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free, Odor-Free, Non-Allergenic, and Non-Toxic. These qualities make it perfect for emergency clean water storage.

Do you mention how wonderful FOMENTEK™ Bag s are to travel with? They pack so easily and relieve aches from long hours of driving or flying and being on the go, and sleeping in awful hotel beds. My clients rave about having FOMENTEK™ Bag s with them on vacation.
Julie H.
I purchased my FOMENTEK™ Bag from my physical therapist. I had surgeries and the use of your product has saved me. I cannot sleep or exercise without it.
Rosemary G.
I really can’t imagine getting by without my Fomentek – it goes on every trip and I keep a spare at our daughter’s home. I’m addicted. I use mine almost every night even in this heat, as it’s the only thing that helps my tingly feet and aching legs.
Patricia Beede